Monday, June 6, 2011

Kaka Wears 2011/2012 Real Madrid Home Kit

On my new Tumblr blog, called Loving That Soccer, I recently posted a picture of Kaka wearing the Adidas Real Madrid home kit for next season. While there have always been rumours and leaked images of possible designs of the Real Madrid kit, there were never concrete images to prove anything.

The new kit features pretty snazzy gold designs on the jersey, shorts, and socks along with the Adidas logo being golden. The collar is also new, and I prefer it a lot more to the the the past season's. While I like the design quite a bit, others might not find the gold design very appealing.

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What are your thoughts on Real Madrid's new home kit? Do you like the new style? Share your thoughts and comments below!


  1. Will Kaka even be wearing Real Madrid's strip next season though ? I guess we will see.

  2. Good question, and I'm not even sure anyone knows where he could go.

  3. I hate the gold to be honest, but the collar looks much better! The former black lines on the white outfit really gave weight to the whole design. Now this gold doesn't match the Bwin logo, and it's just repulsive...

  4. Beautiful uniforms! New look for new year.



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